Spiritual Counseling Online with *Mother Erin Teresa*

*Rev. Mother Erin Teresa* specializes in Spiritual Counseling related to Romance, Finance, Parenting, Relationships, Teachings, and many other of life's issues. In 2010, she became an Ordained Minister through Universal Life Church Monastery and believes in ALL paths to God - "whomever you perceive him/her to be". She relies on education, research, information and intuition to assist others in re-focusing and re-directing their own life's path. She is not a psychic.

There are many venue possibilities to receive counseling. Email and online chat seem to be the most accessible for all. Other options available upon request.

To receive Spiritual Counseling Online with Mother Erin Teresa*, just use our contact form - click here. The first consultation is FREE. Sometimes just discussing an issue is all one needs to be re-directed and re-focused . . .



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