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  • Magic is not an array of tricks or stage illusions. The "k" at the end of the word serves to distinguish it from the "magic" of nightclub acts. It is not for show.

  • Magick is not supernatural. As Janet and Stewart Farrar, prominant Irish witches and Craft teachers, point out, "Magic(k) does not break the laws of Nature; when it appears to do so, that is because t is obeying laws that the observer has not yet understood."

  • Magick is not midieval art of summoning "demons" to do one's will. Though it is possible to establish comminication with the beings on other planes of reality, trying to coerce them into service is both unethical and dangerous.

  • Magick is not based on a pact with "the Devil." Most magickians, including Wiccan priest/esses, do not believe in Satan and would certainly have no dealings with such an entity if he did exist.

  • Magick is not a good way to get revenge on enemies or force a former lover to return to you. Indeed, there is no "good" way to accomplish such nasty and immature things; but the penalties for misusing magick can be far greater than the consequences of these actions on the material plane.

  • Magick is not available only to a few talented individuals born with special gifts. It can be learned and mastered to a great degree by anyone with self-discipline and persistence.

  • Magick does not reside in ritual tools - amulets, magickal swords, etc. - unless and until they are charged by a magickian. The skill and power lie always in the person, not in the tool.

  • Magick does not generally result in spectacular "special effects" on the material plane: strange entities materializing, showers of gold falling from the sky, locked doors bursting asunder, etc., etc. Dramatic physical effects are possible and occasionally occur; but most magick aims at internal growth, where results are harder to see. Even Magick for material-plane ends tend to manifest in more or less quiet, gradual, natural ways.

  • And magick is not easy to learn or to practice. It is not an "instant fix" for life's problems, nor a short-cut to fame and wealth. It is a set of specialized tools, uniquely well-designed for inner growth and spiritual development. It can be used for more ordinary purposes, but sometimes that is likely trying to pound nails with a screwdriver. Magick can be used to bring you safety, wealth or loving relationships, but it is not a substitute for wearing a seat belt, getting a job, or being sensitive to your lover's needs. And no matter what it's used for, magick requires hard work and discipline.

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    Information taken from: True Magick; A Beginners Guide by Amber K

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