the moon


Set altar facing East. Use the following items:

One Blue Candle
3 kernals unpopped corn
One Apple cut on the cross, showing the pentagram inside.

Light your candle with the following words:

"Great Goddess, Lady of the Summerlands, Mother to us all. I welcome you to this place of power and offer thanks to you for what you have given me. I am a priestess of your path and I see with your eyes. You guide me in the lessons I must learn."

Put the bottom half of the apple in front of you. Charging the three kernals of corn between your hands, say:

"As the Maiden is ripe with potential, so is my life.
As the Mother gives birth, so do my thoughts.
As the Crone nourishes life, so do I nourish mine."

Place the kernals in the center of the core-pentagram and melt wax from your candle to cover them. Replace the top of the apple while the wax is till warm. Let the apple sit on your altar for 3 days and nights. Remove wax token and bury apple. The wax token can remain on your altar for as long as you wish.


Information taken from: Fire Rose's World Of Wicca And Witchcraft

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