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DBE Solutions Advertising Solutions e-Guide #1
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Everything you wanted to know about Traffic Exchanges
. . . and didn't know who to ask!

Are you new to Traffic Exchanges and confused about how they work? Well, we are going to try to help you figure that out right now! The internet is full of thousands of Traffic Exchanges. Many of them are new to the internet, and many have been around for years. There are Manual, Auto, Banner, Link and Text-Ad Exchanges.

There are some that just exchange traffic, and there are some that pay money to have you surf their Exchange. The 2 most important things you want from a Traffic Exchange are 1., exposure and 2., credibility. You want to be sure the Traffic Exchange is bringing real human visitors to your site/s and that, the Traffic Exchange has a credible history with its surfer's and those who advertise on their Exchange.

How Traffic Exchanges Work: When signing up with a Traffic Exchange, you have the ability to add your website/s to the Exchange rotation. While you are sitting and viewing other surfer's sites, they will be viewing your's. You can earn any where from viewing 5 pages and getting 2 visitors back (This is called 5:2.), to other exchanges that 1 view equals 1 visitor (This is called 1:1.). Some Exchanges are Manual. This means you must wait for a timer to end before clicking to the next page. It is kind of like sitting and watching commercials on tv. There are Manual Traffic Exchanges and Auto Traffic Exchanges. Auto Exchanges automatically go to the next page when the timer is complete; you do not have to click. Many of them Pay-To-Click (PTC). The average PTC is about .30 cents per 1,000 pages viewed. Some do pay more, and some pay less. Most offer traffic in exchange as well. How to decide who to go with is really an individual business decision. There are many Exchanges that are specialized. It is when you are surfing that you will find new exchanges and be able to customize your Traffic Exchange Experience to meet your Advertising Needs.

While searching for an Exchange, if something seems 'too good to be true?' - It probably is not true. Using Traffic Exchanges as a means to bring your site/s visitors is time-consuming work. Plan on it. It requires patience and organization, and most of all, you really should enjoy what you are doing! There are a ton of amazing, credible and fun Traffic Exchanges out there! Here's a few to help you get started. All are FREE to join. Good Luck!

EasyHits4U (1:1 - 2:1) Yibbida (1:1) TrafficG (1:1.04)
SmileyTraffic (2:1+$) ExtremeAutoSurf (2:1 - 1:1+$) VastHits (4:3+$)
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! TrafficWitch is really fun!!!!!! (3:1 - 1:1+ progressive)
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