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Look forward to our Little Chocolate Drops and Brownies desert recipes online. Our Blackened Chicken and Black Beans on Brown rice Menu Entrées, including our very own Brown on Brown (brown beans on brown rice) and Red Skin potato salad special is a true favorite (Yellow rice can be substituted upon request. For White rice substitutions add $1.00 per guest.). On 09-08-13 we added a new desert item; Camel-toe Butter cookies! We can cater any occassion from 4 guests up to 500. Our menu options available upon request. We are working as fast as we can to get all that information digitalized to be made available online. We also hold "Tasting Parties". Featuring Paula Deen Recipes[TM]. Be sure to check back often to see our updates. Thank you, Erin Head, Head Chef.

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Setting the table for fun tonight. Featuring Paula Deen Recipes[TM]
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